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Peak Fit Labs Uses Copyrighted/ Trademarked Ingredients

Peak Fit Labs products can have as many as 6 Copyrighted/ Trademarked ingredients in each serving. We created our products using the most advanced formulation strategies and then backed them with numerous clinically backed ingredients having supporting studies, research and clinical data giving you the ultimate sports supplements. Other products may have zero to very few of these industry leading ingredients hence they simply come up short. We selected only those ingredients which have an scientific advantage and synergistic interaction with out formulas which in-turn give you better results.

aginAstraGin® is a absorption enhancing ingredient, proven in a dozen pre-clinical studies to support amino acid, vitamin & mineral absorption.  AstraGin® significantly helps with the absorption and support of amino acids, creatine, arginine, citrulline etc.  These functions help, in addition to repairing and rebuilding cells and tissues which can be tested during serious fitness regimens. Bodybuilders and serious fitness lifestyles alike need the best in nutrition. AstraGin® helps achieve just that. AstraGin® can increase absorption rates of some of KTA Pre-Workout’s ingredients by 67%.

ActiGin® is a 100% natural sports nutrition ingredient that has shown in cell, animal, and human studies to support enhanced recovery times while providing a small but significant boost to endurance. ActiGin® demonstrated in a published study available at PLOS One (impact factor 3.53) that it can significantly reduce inflammation in muscle tissue up to 4 days post-exercise while enhancing exercise to exhaustion times an additional 20%.

Screen shot 2016-09-22 at 9.03.32 PMBioPerine®  has been used as a bioavailability enhancer for over 20 years. When BioPerine® is co-administered with various nutrients it simply increases the bioavailability of those certain nutients and or ingredients etc. BioPerine® was found to enhance absorption of nutrients by at least 30%.

Screen shot 2016-09-22 at 9.03.41 PMCarnoSyn® delivers a bio-friendly form of beta-alanine, a naturally occurring beta amino acid essential for the synthesis of muscle CarnoSyn®. There are numerous benefits of using beta-alanine as a human dietary supplement to support an increase in muscle and athletic performance. One study showed CarnoSyn® supplementation led to a muscle increase of 80% after 10 weeks of supplementation and another study showed an increase of 16.9% in physical working capacity for men and a 12% increase in the working capacity of women.

Screen shot 2016-09-22 at 9.03.52 PMCreatine MagnaPower® is an innovative advanced form of creatine that binds creatine to magnesium. The stomach breaksdown creatine and that leaves less for your uptake and ATP replenishment = waste. KTA Prewrkout includes Magnapower in it’s formula so you can have the best energy at the cellular level and have your body optimized for the best possible power and strength state of readiness.

Screen shot 2016-09-22 at 9.25.10 PMKinetiq® and its component p-synephrine enhance the body’s utilization of carbohydrates by producing more energy in the form of ATP. The resulting increase in energy expenditure produced by Kinetiq® occurs in conjunction with an increase in the respiratory quotient., Kinetiq® is supported by over a dozen safety and efficacy human clinical trials, a comprehensive safety dossier, and expert and independent 3rd party safety evaluations.

Screen shot 2016-09-22 at 9.04.36 PMNelulean™ is suitable for use in supporting a healthy body weight in healthy individuals. It can be incorporated into dietary supplements for a synergistic effect. Nelulean™ helps decrease fat mass and metabolizes lipids and fatty acids for energy production.