OMEGA-3 Fish Oil


60 Day Supply 

• 3 Grams of Fish Oil
• 915mg EPA
• 630mg DHA
• No Fishy Aftertaste• Better Uptake

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Our Fish Oil has 3000mg (3g) of 3 Fish Oil – 603mg of DHA and 915mg of EPA. Our formula helps in areas of: fat loss, workout recovery, joint health, cholesterol profiles, heart/ cardiovascular and healthy brain function.

3 Grams of Fish Oil

915mg EPA

630mg DHA

HEART HEALTH: Our Fish Oil Capsules can help support optimum cardiovascular health and function. This can be a great benefit in any demanding fitness regimen and physically active lifestyle.  

JOINT HEALTH: Active lifestyles and aging can take a toll on joints.  Taking Omega-3 fatty acids can help and avoid breakdown of cartilage/ cell membranes, certain inflammations as well as morning stiffness, tender or swollen joints.

FAT LOSS: With 915mg EPA & 630mg DHA our fish oil can help build muscle by increasing muscle synthesis and decreasing break-down.

MUSCLE GAIN: Nutrient Partitioning allows calories to be stored in muscle for energy, studies show taking fatty acid supplements like our Omega 3 fish oil can help create this environment.

MAXIMUM ABSORPTION: Our capsulation process offers optimum delivery and higher absorption of fatty acids, further helping to avoid any fishy aftertaste and remove those fish burps. Our distillation process also ensures the best absorption, by removing any heavy metals or toxins ensuring product safety for you and your family.

BRAIN HEALTH! Research states fish oils and omega-3 fatty acids help provide healthy brain function. Taking Fish oil also helps support the levels of serotonin levels and thus is great for helping mood support.

Purity! Molecularly distilled better absorption – Our distillation process ensures the best absorption, by removing any heavy metals or toxins ensuring we provide a higher quality product.

NO FISH BURPS OR AFTERTASTE! Unlike many other alaskan salmon & cod liver vitamin supplements our Omega 3 fish oil supplement is odorless, burp-less and leaves you free from any aftertaste.