KTA Strawberry-Lemonade, Pre-Workout


KTA Pre-Workout has carefully selected ingredients meeting clinical dosing standards and innovative formulations. KTA Pre-Workout has everything to help you make those “GAINS”.
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• 6 Grams L-Citrulline @ 2:1
• 3.5 Grams Creatine Monohydrate
• 7 mg BCAA’s
• 6 Trademarked Ingredients

Currently available in Blue Raz on Amazon

Supplement Facts

Available in 4 Flavors: Blue Raz, Cherry, Orange, Strawberry-Lemonade

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WHY KTA Pre-Workout is better!

We formulated KTA Pre-Workout to support the most demanding workouts of any bodybuilder or athlete. KTA Pre-Workout can help you push past your personal best, get that next rep or move up in weight.

 The KTA Difference:

Only the BEST inside! KTA Pre-Workout is jam packed with Industry Top Ingredients and has a refreshing Blue Raz taste. KTA Pre-Workout is far beyond just a great taste..

Can Your Pre-Workout Do This!

•  6 Grams L-Citrulline @ 2:1
•  3.5 Grams of Creatine Monohydrate
•  7 mg of BCAA’s
•  6 TradeMarked Ingredients 

KTA is a truly great Pre-Workout. KTA is also Gluten free.

FORM-FOLLOWS-FUNCTION! Our Innovative & Pioneering approach means we have gone the distance to support Bodybuilders and Athletes alike. We designed KTA Pre-Workout to actually work with our body and to have less waste in the up-take process, KTA Pre-Workout will provide:

•  Longer Half-Life in Body
•  Better Absorption/ Uptake
•  Higher Conversion
•  Optimum Ingredient Synergy
•  Top Industry Ingredients 

KTA Pre-Workout will handle your workout workout regimens so you can focus on the GAINS!

BETTER GAINS, BIGGER SIZE, MORE MUSCLE!  KTA Pre Workout offers Serious Gains, Huge Pumps, and more strength.  KTA was designed to help with:

•  Jitter Free
•  Intense Focus
•  Clean Energy
•  Better Pumps
•  Bigger Gains
•  Longer Stamina
•  More Strength
•  Less Waste
•  Increased Power 

We wanted to provide you with a Pre Workout that you will NEVER change out of your supplement arsenal.

Try KTA today and see what Innovation feels like.

Try KTA and see what Innovation feels like.


• 6 Trademarked Ingredients – KTA Pre-Workout has 6 TradeMarked ingredients in each serving. We created KTA Pre-Workout using the most advanced formulation strategies and then backed it with numerous clinically backed ingredients with supporting clinical data to give you the ultimate ingredients synergy in a Pre Workout sports supplements.

• No Proprietary Blends – You see what is in our product, it’s right there on the label.  We only use the best ingredient’s in our formulation and its easy to see what KTA Pre-Workout has and others don’t.

• Clinically Dosed Ingredients – What we have selected as our main ingredient’s meet or beat the required or recommended dosage/s so you know KTA Pre-Workout is giving you maximum results.

• Better Uptake – Because we use such advanced ingredients in our formulations there is a far better synergy between all our ingredients and your body – that equals better Bio-availability.  By us being innovative you get more out of KTA Pre-Workout and that equals less waste.


Read more on why KTA Pre-Workout is better –  READ MORE

Peak Fit Labs is innovative, pioneering and willing to go further to support Bodybuilders and Athletes alike.  Other companies formula’s simply don’t stack up.  KTA Pre-Workout will help with your energy and endurance where others fall short.  KTA Pre-Workout can support your muscle building and strength far better so you get those GAINS!

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Blue Raz, Cherry, Orange, Strawberry-Lemonade