Collagen Peptides


Packed with superior ingredients like Type II Collagen & Glucosamine HCI for superior joint support and Type I Collagen & Biotin for superior Hair, Nails & Skin health. CII also includes Ingredients like Astragin® & BioPerine® for maximum Bio-Availability.  –  UNFLAVORED

• 2 Trademarked Ingredients
• 12 Grams Type I, Collagen
• 3 Grams Type II, Collagen
• 14 Grams of Protein
• 5mg Biotin
• 500mg Glucosamine HCI
• 17 Amino Acids

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Supplement Facts

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Mix one (1), 15.5 gram scoop into any beverage and stir vigorously until dissolved/ mixed. For best results add CII Collagen into flavored drinks, juices, smoothies or protein shakes using a shaker cup and shake thoroughly or mix by using blender.

Our CII Collagen has far more Ingredients than most other Collagens.  It also has Type I and Type II Collagen totaling 15 Grams of Collagen Powder.  With all this Collagen and the additional Top Ingredients it will need to be mixed well and with thicker fluids for optimum mixing.  To help avoid any mixing issues we have added these suggestions to help in preparation.

BEST – (CII Mixes Best With – Recommended)
Fruit Smoothies
Juicer Drinks
Thick Soups Mixed Well

BETTER – (CII Mixes Better With – Suggested​)
Protein Drinks in a Shaker Cup or Blender
Thick Juices in a Shaker Cup or Blender
Milk (Mixed well or Shaker Cup)

WILL WORK – (CII Mixes OK With – If Mixed Well)
Soups – (non-thick)
Juices – (non-thick)

HYPERBOOST – What is it?
Well, Peak Fit Labs saw a need to create products that offered real results using only the Industry Top Ingredients. We picked the very best Ingredients to be in our CII Collagen Peptides formula. The Synergy in our Formulas is what we call HYPERBOOST. This highly scrutinized selection of Ingredients includes:

• Type I: 12 Grams of Pure Hydrolyzed Grass-Fed Pasture-Raised Bovine Collagen Peptides
• Type II: 3 Grams of Type II Pure Hydrolyzed Chicken Collagen Peptides.
• Glucosamine HCI
• Biotin
• Astragin®
• Bioperin®
• 17 Amino Acids
• 14 Grams of Protein

• Type I: 12 GRAMS of Pure Type I Hydrolyzed Grass-Fed Pasture-Raised Bovine Collagen Peptides provide exceptional all around support for Hair, Nails & Skin/ Anti-Aging.
• Biotin: Thickens Hair, Nails and helps to Beautify Skin

• Type II: 3 GRAMS of Type II Pure Hydrolyzed Chicken Collagen Peptides. Type II Collagen makes up 50% of cartilage protein and is superior to other “Types” of collagen for joint health thus providing far superior joint support.
• Glucosamine HCI: Aids with body’s own natural joint compounds, can reduce pain and helps improve joint function.

WYSIWYG: “What You See Is What You Get”, it’s all on the label.​
• No Proprietary blends hiding dosage amounts of quality ingredients.

• CII has Top Ingredients with clinical backing for maximum effectiveness.

• No marketing hype claiming there is more in the formula than there actually is

Q & A

Question: How does your product compare to other collagen products on the market?

Answer: Great Question – Compared to other Collagen Products Our CII Collagen is packed with superior Ingredients at the “effective dose” range/s. Like 12 grams of Type I Collagen & Biotin for superior Hair, Nails & Skin health and 3 grams Type II Collagen & Glucosamine HCI for superior Joint Support. CII also includes Trademarked Ingredients like Astragin® & BioPerine® for maximum Bio-Availability and further our CII has 14 Grams of Protein and 17 Amino Acids. When comparing labels of other collagen products is pretty clear how CII comes out on top. We simply wanted to make sure that our CII Collagen had it all and left nothing out. I hope this answered your question and that you will like our CII Collagen as much as we think you will.

Question: How long do the results last?

Answer: We have packed our CII Collagen with many ingredients others do not have. With keeping in mind that every person is different and results will vary based on a few factors diet, age etc. – You should start to see signs in 2-3 weeks and have significant improvement in 2 months. Also remember that it can take the body about 4 months to entirely replenish unhealthy tissue with healthy tissue as Collagen works to restore your body’s own collagen levels. If you are taking our CII Collagen for Joint/s purposes many of our customers have reported feeling positive effects within 2-3 weeks and on from start of use. Continued and consistent use is really key and needed to get the results because you are balancing what the body is lacking. The minute you stop taking it any assistance from the product will start fade and thus so will the results gained from taking it – thats just how it works. Hope that helps.

Question: What Country is the cattle for your Collagen raised in?

Answer: Our CII Collagen Peptides come from cattle that are grass-fed from a select group of farms with grass pastures in Brazil. Brazil bans the use of hormones so our CII Collagen Peptides are non-GMO.

Question: Your product contains glucosamine, is it derived from shellfish?

Answer: Yes, the starting material is indeed shell of crab or shrimps. Most Glucosamine on the market is created from shellfish as the Glucosamine that is Fermented from Corn can be 3X the price and higher. Glucosamine is also normally safe to consume because it is made from shells, not the protein that causes most allergies to shellfish. We are looking for alternatives for this in the future and are sorry if this is a product you can not consume. You should also check with your Dr. prior to taking any supplement you might consider to be an allergen for you. Hope that helps.