TIME - Money - Effort

Q:   Do you want to….

A) Put in 60 to 90 minutes per workout

B) Spend $100 to $200 per month on supplements

C) Pour 100% of your heart into your fitness

only to be cheated by your supplements for a 50% return on that investment?

A: No, of course not! 

Here are FOUR things that help place Peak Fit Labs supplements above the competition.

Better Supplements in 3... 2.... 1


HYPERBOOST is a synergy of combined Top Industry Copyrighted/ Trademarked ingredients.  

As an example our KTA Pre-Workout has 6 of these ingredients and thus the number “6” is clearly shown on the HYPERBOOST Shield on our website information.

Creatine MagnapPower®

A) Better nutrient Bio-Availability (less waste)
B) Faster Uptake (faster access to needed nutrients – when you need them)
C) Longer Half-Life (remain in your system longer)

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2) Trademarked Ingredients

Peak Fit Labs products can have as many as 6 Trademarked ingredients in each serving.  We created our products using the most advanced formulation strategies and then backed them with numerous clinically backed ingredients with supporting clinical data to give you the ultimate sports supplements. Other products may have zero to very few of these industry leading ingredients hence they simply come up short.  We selected only those ingredients which would have an scientific advantage and synergistic interaction which give you better results.

More on our Top Ingredients – Read More

3) Superior Formulation

Our products are produced in state of the art facilities meeting GMP and or NSF standards.  Our formulas follow the simple rule of “Form-Follows-Function”.  Our products are created to have  significant benefit as a standalone and also demonstrate high synergy with taken each other.  If an ingredient in our formula can add value to the outcome then it will be inclusive with our formulas and strategies.  If the synergy is nonexistent or is anything less than advantageous to the end result than that ingredient isn’t used – its that simple!  Testing is done in three phases of our manufacturing

a) Prior to

b) In the middle and..

c) Upon completion of each production run.

By having these steps in our manufacturing process the level of quality control increases and thus you can be assured that each serving of our product is giving you the same value and nutritional benefit as the last serving.

4) Clinical Dosage

The ingredients in our formula’s have a predetermined level of optimal effectiveness known as a “Clinical Dose”.  This refers to the correct amount (Grams/ Milligrams) needed of an specific ingredient in our formula for maximum effectiveness. Most often it is the amount recommended by the ingredient Manufacturer for best results.  Our formula’s contain certain ingredients that are clinically dosed and backed by clinical studies to provide you the best results possible.  Check the label on our supplements and then take a look at what other companies offer.  The difference is crystal clear, there simply isn’t a better choice.

Providing Clinical Dosage

Peak Fit Labs

Others Vs. Peak Fit Labs

Synergistic Formulas - Peak Fit Labs
Top Ingredients (HYPERBOOST) - Peak Fit Labs
Bio Availability - Peak Fit Labs

Old/ Dated Formulas Effective Rates

If you take a product that has ingredients that are dated, from the last decade and that are in the same “Rinse & Repeat” formulas than you are missing out.  Today’s technology and current research have taken things to an entirely new level.  You as a customer should demand that same higher level of expectation in your sports supplements.

Peak Fit Labs manufactures sports supplements that include the most cutting edge and top industry ingredients. lessor formulas can be depleted and removed from your system faster.  They can also take twice as long for the up-take & conversion in the body thus making those nutrients you need unavailable when you actually need them!  That is a waste of your Time, Money and Effort.  Our products are designed with ingredients that last as long as possible in your body, convert in the system better/ faster and that are more effective at achieving the actual desired outcome.