Who we are, what we do

Peak Fit Labs

Early on, from the concept meetings we discussed how things should go differently and working with chemists on formulating our first product (KTA Pre-Workout) we knew one thing immediately - we had to do the right thing for our customers and not just sell ``me-too`` products.

There are numerous sports supplement companies to choose from and with all the hyperbole in the marketplace the decision of selecting a legitimate product can be difficult. We wanted Peak Fit Labs (PFL) to make that process simple and just let our formulations and ingredient panels speak for themselves.

We have decades of experience in the fitness industry. We are dedicated to creating innovative products and providing you the best customer support and sports supplements possible.

Look, its been long enough, the ``Me-Too`` products, formulas and ingredients have had their time.

It is indeed time for a change and the answer is Peak Fit Labs!

``TRUTH IS THE NEW HYPE`` - (Our Slogan)

So many sports supplement companies use ``me too`` formulations and have little innovative efficacy with the products in which they provide. Peak Fit Labs takes pride in only offering products that actually work because the ingredients are proven by scientific studies and research etc.

We simply give you the ability to achieve your fitness goals and maintain that fitness lifestyle with far better supplementation.

Look at our product labels and then look at others... You will see what so many others see ``Form-Follows-Function`` in all Peak Fit Labs products.


Peak Fit Labs is Better!

What makes Peak Fit Labs better? The answer is simple. Every product we have has a bit a patience baked into it. We don't just rush a formula to market, it simply has to make sense.

The Process

``Form-Follows-Function`` - Every sports supplement formula we create is about producing a better end result. The product must work for what it is intended to do. The outcome has to match the desired result or its simply not effective. No ``Me-too`` products. We take pride in our development process, on being innovative and offering the most comprehensive supplement solutions available for any fitness regimen.

Quality is #1

Why so many custom Copyrighted, Patented and Trademarked ingredients? We want the best in our products and we only seek out and review those ingredients which have the ability to increase our product's efficacy. We take the time to make sure our ingredient panel is synergistic and meets or exceeds the desired effect/ outcome. In every sports supplement product we make we pack the best, most cutting edge ingredients available so you get the best there is.

Building Blocks

All of our products are designed to work together - ``Synergy``. Our pre-workout, BCAA's & post-workout together put you in the ultimate state of readiness. We help prepare your body for a demanding workout and aid in its support phase as well as post-workout recovery. We have designed our supplements to simply help you get through any fitness activity without worrying about who has your back. Peak Fit Labs is on your ``6``.

Quality & Standards

At Peak Fit Labs we take your health, lifestyle and safety seriously. We constantly strive to bring you the best, safest and latest most effective sports supplements. We recognize and always strive to meet the highest industry standards for quality, health and safety.
DSHEA - Dietary Supplement Health and Education
GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices
NSF - NSF International
FDA - Food and Drug Administration
GRAS - Generally Recognized As Safe
WADA - World Anti‑Doping Agency